“And My Daddy Will Play The Drums”

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“And My Daddy Will Play The Drums”


“Warrens’ affinity for using great poetry…is well-known, but here we have a compendium of clever and whimsical limericks…that tickle our funny bones and entertain us with virtuoso wordplay…(A) hilarious collection of musically inspired gems.”


-World Association of Symphony Bands and Ensembles

“And My Daddy Will Play the Drums” Limericks for friends of drummers, by Warren Benson, with illustrations by the author.


E. B. Marks

ISBN 1-57463-067-9.

The Drum Tutor

(download pdf, 97 pages)


“There is much within The Drum Tutor which will shed light on how we play snare drums.“


Co-Editors, Robin Engelman and Gordon Stout


The Drum Tutor, written by Warren Benson in his early years of teaching, captures essential techniques for percussion instruments, particularly the snare drum. Benson considered the snare drum the most useful instrument for beginner’s technique and ensemble playing.

Editor Robin Engelman

Editor Gordon Stout

Edited by two of Benson’s former students, Robin Engelman and Gordon Stout, who continue to use these methods in their playing and teaching, The Drum Tutor documents Benson’s unique ideas and passion for “the Rudiments of Playing, not the Playing of the Rudiments.”


The Drum Tutor By Warren Benson, edited by Robin Engelman and Gordon Stout. Available only in digital form.


All rights reserved. Educational use only, all use must credit the author and editors.


Warren Benson

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